Hanco’s Featured Press.

FOOD STUFF; From Vietnam to Boerum Hill

by The New York Times

“Just a couple of steps from the culinary melting pot that Smith Street in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, has become, there is Hanco's, a bright little Vietnamese sandwich shop with a counter and a few tables. Hanco Tang, the owner, below, sells the sandwiches, called banh mi, on warm, plump, crusty little baguettes.”

Sietsema's Jury Duty Lunch Guide, Brooklyn Edition

by Eater NY

“Statistics show that, if you reside in the borough of Kings, you will be called up for jury duty only once every eight years. While this is reassuring, it doesn't mean you'll have an easy time of it once you climb into the jury box and don the black robes and curly white wig, figuratively speaking.“

Hanco’s - Hopping spot for Vietnamese eats

by Zagat

“Addictive banh mi sandwiches washed down with excellent bubble teas (plus pho in Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights) ensure these Vietnamese storefronts are always busy; no-frills sums up both the decor and service, but few mind given the price.“

The 10 Best Cheap Eats In NYC

by Gothamist

“New York might be the land of the $295 burger (is that still a thing?), but not every dining experience in this city requires access to an Am Ex Centurion Card. All of the best dishes here run under $10, and while the presentation might not be as darling as it is at the city's more refined establishments, the food will fill you up, and it'll taste damn good.“

Bite Of The Week: Classic Banh Mi At Hanco’s

by Bklyner.

“With lots of seating, it’s a good choice if you’re meeting a friend for lunch. And with free wifi, it’s a great spot for camping out with your computer if you’re looking for an alternative to a local coffee shop — you’ll just have to set up during off-peak hours, because it can get packed around lunch and dinner.“

I Would Die for the Sandwiches at HANCO’S

by Broke-Ass Stuart

“I love sandwiches to an embarrassing extent. They are compact and deeply satisfying; making a great one requires an understanding of the delicate nature of balance and portion in food. Also, holy jesus, are they delicious.“

Hanco’s Vietnamese restaurant in Brooklyn

by I Just Want To Eat

“It’s been a while since we had Vietnamese cuisine and we were looking for a place to eat in Brooklyn before an errand when we saw Hanco’s a casual Vietnamese eatery that serves bubble tea, pho and banh mi. Empty at first, it started to get busy especially with a young crowd attracted by not only the food but also the price.“